In Malta and Gozo, there is a large selection of hotels varying in sizes and architectural designs to suit everybody’s taste. From historically rich 17 roomed boutique hotels to 450 roomed business hotels you are assured of finding a hotel that fits your requirements. A couple of hotels also consider offering the hotel on exclusive basis. In the St. Julian’s area you have close to 2000 bedrooms within walking distance ideal to host large groups. Being an island, most hotels are on the sea and have most if not all the bedrooms with a sea view and spectecular venues overlooking the sea.

Thanks to our good and strong relations with the hotels, you are assured that A.von Brockdorff Services Ltd is able to offer you the best rates and deals with hotels. As we are located in Malta and have years of experience working with all the hotels, we KNOW the strong and weak points of each hotel. We are not attached to any of the hotels so we are able to give you independent and genuine advice with only your interest in mind.

Four star Hotels – Malta & Gozo 

Five star Hotels – Malta & Gozo